Since early childhood, I have been fascinated with color and light. I am particularly attracted to the way light moves through glass objects and have a large collection of hand blown glass balls. This passion has led me to the world of glass and semi-precious stone beads and all the wonderful color combinations that are possible. I started out crafting earrings as a way to relieve stress from my everyday job (teaching) and before I knew it I had hundreds! My husband encouraged me to make larger pieces that would challenge me and take longer to make. HA! By the end of two months, I had a slew of necklaces (granted I was spending a lot of sleepless nights lost in the creative endeavor). There was no way I was going to be able to wear all of them.  Solution—share my passion with others.

Given my fascination with glass, one should not be surprised when I say I've always wanted to work with glass. Although I was happy to incorporate other artist's glass beads in my jewelry, in order to be taken seriously as an artist, I felt I needed to make my own elements. Not too long after I began creating jewelry, I was inspired by a friend to take up torch glass work. After a few classes and lots of reading up on techniques, I purchased the equipment and, with the help of my wonderful husband, set up a small glass studio in my basement. Playing with fire and molten metal has opened up a whole new avenue of creativity and design...as well as a few challenges (how not to burn myself or the house down!). Fortunately, my endeavors have not gone unrewarded. People, customers as well as show jurers, have rewarded me with compliments, invitations to shows and awards. I received my first "Best in Show Award" in November 2010 because of my wonderful designs in which I incorporate my own lampwork glass beads. In 2013 I was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Minnesota River Arts Festival for my glass beads and jewelry designs.

Joining the art fair circuit has challenged me to continue to seek out new skills. I am now certified by Rio Grande in precious metal clay techniques and am already incorporating my own metal work and metal clay elements into my designs. However, the real fun part for me is the organic process of bringing together disparate elements into unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Colors and designs of nature’s elements are my inspiration. Semi-precious stone, pearl, coral, bone, metal, and glass elements are strung, stitched, wire worked into unique hand crafted jewelry. Every piece is an adventure, an act of discovery as the multiple elements are artfully combined to create meticulously crafted one of a kind adornments. The result is unique jewelry with an exotic look that will spice up any wardrobe.

Most of my jewelry is either one of a kind or limited editions. Please contact me if you have a specific idea in mind; if I don’t have it, perhaps I can create what you desire.